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THE FIRST DESCENDANT: My Character Revealed!


Matt Rippy as Kyle in The First Descendant

Meet Kyle!

The First Transcendant is finally launched! So, I can now reveal that my character is the ball-busting Bruiser, Kyle. He is a damage-dealing tank who specializes in generating and manipulating magnetic fields. Kyle’s abilities focus on absorbing damage, and using Magnetic Force as a resource for both defense and offense. His role is primarily that of a tank or “Bruiser,” providing protection for teammates while also dealing area-of-effect damage.

“With my strength, I will pull everything towards me. Even the final victory.” Kyle

Sourav Banik of says “Kyle is a great Descendant choice when it comes to durability, supporting teammates, and having access to highly powerful AoE skills. This makes him an ideal support character who helps out while others take care of damage output”.

To learn more about the best Kyle build, visit

With its blend of fast-paced combat, strategic teamwork, and deep character progression, The First Descendant offers a fresh take on the looter shooter genre. Whether you’re decimating enemies with Kyle’s reliable defensive capabilities or unleashing devastation as another character, the game promises hours of engaging gameplay and endless opportunities for epic looting!

It’s curently the most played game on Steam. Big Bruising Fun! Free to play!


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