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COLD TAPES: Coming Soon to Spotify…


Matt Rippy in Cold Tapes

Very pleased to have been in the studio recording an exciting new podcast murder mystery series where you get to play detective. We recorded the raw data: audio files of phone conversations, hidden recordings, interviews and interrogations and you sort through the case files and try to find the killer.

From the producers:

“You’ll need detective-standard listening and analytical skills to evaluate evidence, form theories and hypotheses, and question whether what you’re being told is the truth… or a lie. You’ll need to piece together the clues, motives and alibis to crack the case and determine which of our 16 suspects is the killer. Once you’ve cracked it, you can enter the competition to be in with a chance of winning Super Sleuth of the Year and claim the £10,000 reward.”

This is gonna be fun. I’ll be playing Jack Anderson, ex-military man from Texas. A little Texas charm does no harm. Or does it?!

Stay tuned…


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