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Matt Rippy in Torchwood

Wow! We won! Get the popcorn (and the tissues) and let’s tune in on April 2!


“The fans have cast their votes, and we’ll all be reliving Torchwood episode ‘Captain Jack Harkness’ on Thursday 2nd April at 8.10pm.

It’s not long until’s #RTWatch online simulcast of Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood, and after counting thousands of fan votes, we now know which episode we’ll all be watching along with series star John Barrowman on Thursday 2nd April.

After it took a significant portion of the vote, we can reveal the chosen episode is series one’s critically-acclaimed ‘Captain Jack Harkness’, an episode which saw Torchwood leader Jack and Tosh (Naoko Mori) trapped in the 1940s where they meet a man with ties to Jack’s past.

And if you’re wondering how to take part, it’s simple. On Thursday 2nd April, fans around the world will press play on series one, episode 12 at 8.10pm BST (that’s 3.10pm ET and 12.10pm PT), whether that’s via BBC iPlayer in the UK or on a DVD or another streaming service (a full list of where Torchwood is available can be found below)…”

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