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Matt Rippy is Corporal Rostok

What kid doesn’t want doesn’t want to be immortalized as a Lego figure?!? Well, this big kid is super excited that Lego chose to release my character Rebel Leader Corporal Rostok from Rogue One. He comes with a helmet, snow goggles and an A-300 blaster rifle. For some reason they made my beard red, so when I dress up as myself for Halloween I’ll have to die my beard – but hey, no complaints – I have an official collectable Mini-Me!

A little story about my character name… When I signed up to shoot on Rogue One, I wasn’t sure what role they were offering so producer John Swartz called me up to explain what I would be doing on the film. John said they wanted me to be a rebel leader and he apologized for offering me such a small role but insisted I was important for the mission. He said I wouldn’t say much, but I’d certainly see alot of action. I said look, John, the Rebellion is not about any one man and they need all the help they can get, so count me in!

I showed up the first day on location in Bovingdon, England and found my trailer. On the door it said, “Matt Rippy – Marine #1”. I felt a tingle of excitement (or perhaps a stirring of the Force). Next to mine were the trailers for the others in my troop – Marines 2 through 6. We all reported for training with a military advisor who explained that we were an elite outfit with many battles fought together.

But something didn’t feel right about having numbers for names so I asked producer John if we can have proper names. I said we’re a tight team and it wouldn’t sound great on the battlefield to shout for “Marine 4 and 5” to lay down suppressing fire while I and “Numbers 2 and 3” take out the enemy position. We needed names. John said he’d talk to the writers.

The next day I showed up to find a new sign on my trailer door. It read, “Matt Rippy – Corporal Rostok.”

Freakin’ cool.


Now we’re ready to take on the Empire!

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Matt Rippy doesn’t like Piña Coladas or getting caught in the rain, but he does like making love at midnight and the taste of champagne. And he loves his dog Arlo – whom he believes to be The Buddha.